Ukrainians received more than 40,000 Bibles thanks to the “Bible for Ukraine” project

We all have Bibles that we don't read, and they don't.

Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine has been going on for 9 months. During all this time, Ukrainians fight every day for their right to life: they help each other, volunteer and look for internal supports that would help maintain at least some part of a normal life in abnormal conditions. The strongest support in every person’s life is the Lord, and only His unbreakable promises written in the Bible give strength to continue the fight against evil. Thanks to the “Bible for Ukraine” project, 40,000 Ukrainians have already received divinely inspired Scriptures.

The last batch of 25,000 books was donated to our defenders, their families, and people who were forced to leave their homes fleeing the war. Since it was impossible to print such a batch in Ukraine due to Russian aggression, the author of the project, Liz Polanco, brought the Bibles from neighboring Poland. Chosen by God’s providence, the minister from Puerto Rico traveled thousands of kilometers to fly to Ukraine with her friends Mirta and Rosy. 

Liz, Mirta and Rosie personally distributed Bibles, food, and medicine together with project volunteers and members of the Seventh-day Adventist Church. Puerto Rican women served together with Ukrainians and for Ukrainians in Kyiv, Buchi and Sumy. Here are the impressions Liz shared:

“During the trip to Ukraine, we had an experience that we will never forget: people who have never seen us, do not know us and do not even speak our language, gave us a lot of love and gratitude! I feel so insignificant, having the great privilege to be among people who have lost everything, yet they are filled with happiness and gratitude because we bring them what they value most, the Bible. I can’t believe it!”.

Hundreds of people, who were neither Adventists nor members of Protestant churches, sometimes waited several hours for a meeting with volunteers of the “Bible for Ukraine” project. 

“We all have Bibles that we don’t read, and they don’t. These women, children and veteran men sometimes don’t even have a home anymore, but they were waiting for God’s word. They waited and received the Holy Scriptures from us with tears in their eyes… They approached me and the girls to hug me. We believe that God’s promises are a spiritual shield and protection for people during such difficult trials as war” said Liz.

During their volunteer activities, church ministers communicate a lot with people, preach and support Ukrainians in bombed-out towns and villages, front-line territories, and also go to the defenders directly on the front lines.

Each of us is currently serving on our front, and we Christians are fighting every day not only against Russian aggression, but also for the hearts of people who are ready to come to God, but have not yet found their way. And together with the Bibles, Ukrainians receive a signpost that leads them into God’s arms. And already on December 10, 7 people gave their lives for God and received water baptism in Sumy Oblast.

“The mission of delivering Bibles to different regions of Ukraine will continue because the Spirit of God continues to direct this work. We pray for the heroes of the faith who passionately fulfill it!” — Liz Polanco wrote on her Facebook page.

Anastasia Kushnariova