The Bible for Ukraine. Spring push

Many of them believe that God is the only hope for salvation.

Spring has come. It’s getting warmer every day. We are starting to get the sunlight we lacked in winter for a little longer, which improves our mood to some extent. However, Ukraine and Ukrainians continue to live in inhumane conditions of war and, despite all the hardships, are confidently approaching their victory every day. 

Similarly, is striving to reach the goal of every day with the Bible for Ukraine project, which aims to raise five million dollars to purchase one million Bibles for one million Ukrainians.

The direct participants in the implementation of the Bible for Ukraine project are church ministers from different regions of Ukraine and other volunteers. They shared with us some details about how the representatives of the main three categories of the project’s target audience (Ukrainian defenders at the front, as well as the most vulnerable groups of the population in this time of war – children and IDPs) receive the purchased Bibles. 

The distribution of the very first Bibles under this project took place under different circumstances and in different places: on the frontline territories of our country, in cities and towns that have recently been de-occupied, and when this was not possible, in areas close to them. Talking to a pastor from Kyiv, Hlib Lobanov, we learned that the project’s volunteers often saw many horrific traces of aggression. People who felt the effects of the war were brought food and given Bibles. There was a great demand for the Word of God everywhere, and a huge number of people wanted to receive their own copy of the Holy Scriptures. According to Pastor Oleksandr Shnurenko, this demand for the Word of God often exceeded the available resources. Many of them perceived the Bible as a talisman for themselves, their relatives and friends, their homes and dwellings. When people received the Bibles, they cried and kissed the volunteers, hugged them and thanked them. We could feel how important such support was to them. 

The project’s volunteers were brave enough to go directly to the frontline, where the fierce fighting continues. Ukrainian soldiers gladly accepted the gift of the Word of God. In their eyes, you could see the immense gratitude. Many of them believe that God is the only hope for salvation. They feel His help and support in particularly difficult times.

In many cases, the Bible for Ukraine project is accompanied by other missionary activities: evangelistic programs, Bible courses, Bible study seminars, and children’s programs. Thus, people had the opportunity to hear words of hope and were given the opportunity to draw inspiration from the Scriptures on their own. For our comfort is Jesus Christ, who gives us support, peace, peace, hope, and a future.

Thanks to the Bible for Ukraine project, more and more Ukrainians are receiving a textbook for life, more and more people are learning the truth and finding the path of salvation. According to the volunteers we interviewed, the project has resulted in a noticeable increase in the number of new church attendees. People who received a Bible as a gift come to the service to study the Word of God together. As Viktor Onufriychuk, a pastor from Odesa, told us, dozens of them later decided to follow the Lord and were baptized.

Given the above, we can safely conclude that the work done and the efforts made are not in vain, but rather have a tangible positive result. Life goes on, with the onset of spring, nature comes to life, everything around us blossoms, gets a new breath, an incentive to live and develop. Therefore, all participants of the Bible for Ukraine project sincerely hope that this spring the project will also receive a new impetus for development. We are grateful to all those who donated funds for its implementation. We will continue to work together to achieve our goal of one million Bibles for Ukrainians!